Spicy Black Bean, Arugula & ‘Cheese’ Vegan Quesadillas

vegan quesadillas

Do you love vegan quesadillas? Well then you’ll enjoy this healthy and delicious recipe! Quesadillas were my go-to order at a Mexican restaurant. Cheesy, spicy, and always flavorful, they paired perfectly with sides of creamy guacamole and salsa. I used to drool over the stretchiness of the cheese, as well as the crispness of the tortilla crust.

Of course, given my love for this delicious dish, I was determined to find a great vegan quesadilla recipe that possessed all the qualities of the typical mouthwatering quesadilla – cheesiness, flavor, and spiciness included!

vegan quesadillas

This recipe makes two veggie-packed and filling quesadillas that will leave you in awe :). Enjoy with fresh guacamole and salsa. Trust me – after indulging in this Mexican delight, you will be left satisfied, yet yearning for more!


Two 9″ tortilla breads  (I use Indian Life Spinach Tortillas)

½  cup vegan shredded cheese, such as Daiya Montogomery Jack vegan cheese shreds

1 Green pepper, sliced thin

1 cup corn niblets

1 Tomato, diced

1 cup canned black beans

1 cup arugula

Hot sauce, to taste

Chopped cilantro, to taste (optional)

Juice of lime, to taste (optional)

vegan quesadillas ingredients





1. Slice green peppers and dice tomatoes. Set aside.

vegan quesadillas

2. Place each tortilla on a large plate.

3. Add black beans onto one half of each tortilla. Next, use a banana crusher to crush the black beans into a chunky paste. Add the hot sauce and then the corn to the same half.

vegan quesadillas

4. Sprinkle vegan cheese onto the other half of each tortilla and add tomatoes, peppers, and arugula on top.

5. Fold the half with beans over top of the other half. Heat a large skillet on medium heat and place the quesadilla on the skillet. Let heat for five minutes or until crispy and slightly browned on one side.

6. Use a spatula to flip the tortilla, and heat again for an additional five minutes. Remove the quesadilla from the range and slide it carefully onto a plate.

vegan quesadillas

7. Using a large knife, cut the quesadilla into four triangular pieces. Serve hot.

vegan quesadillas

These quesadillas taste best when served hot with sides of guacamole and salsa to dip. Enjoy!

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Dana Unninayar

In high school, after watching the documentary Food Inc., I decided to become vegetarian. A year later, I took the next step and became fully vegan. I am currently studying immunology at McGill University. During my spare time, I train as a varsity athlete, play music at retirements homes and hospitals, and host the Instagram blog @montrealvegan. I love to experiment with new recipes and and amaze friends with dishes that leave them saying “I can’t believe it’s vegan”!

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