Yuve – Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder – Ultra Premium Ceremonial Grade – 30g Tin [1.06oz]

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♨ BEST TASTING CEREMONIAL MATCHA POWDER: Our premium ceremonial grade sugar free Matcha Green Tea has a grassy aroma and vibrant vivid green color and is naturally sweet, unlike bitter tasting lower culinary grades. Vegan, raw, non-gmo, chemicals free, this superfood is used primarily with water but also in smoothies, beverages, foods and baking.

☆ SUPERIOR QUALITY MATCHA: Each Matcha Baby leaf is hand picked by skilled farmers in the Nishio region, Japan in May of each year. Hand selected, de-stemmed, de-veined, air-dried and stone-ground, our organic Matcha powder is shipped to you in airtight containers. It has 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of brewed coffee and provides jitter free natural energy.

❤ MATCHA DETOX: Our Best Tasting Matcha Powder has 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea, plus vitamins, minerals, potassium, fibers and chlorophyll. This healthy teatox is suitable to all kinds of diets and ideal for body cleanse and weight loss. Use it as a natural detox tea, herbal slimming tea or weight loss green tea.

» HEALTH BENEFITS: With its high concentration of healthy nutrients and naturally occurring caffeine, Matcha is a great natural fat burner. It provides energy, hydration, stress relief and boosts the immune system. Its preparation is the focus of the Japanese tea ceremony and has long association with Zen and meditation due to its calming tea properties.

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About the Seller

Yuve is a NYC based brand of premium vegan food products and nutritional supplements. Made with hand-selected natural ingredients, Yuve products promote health and longevity through complete wholesome nutrition and encourage a life of happiness.

Yuve Matcha Features:
– Sugar free
– Non-GMO
– Raw
– Vegan Friendly
– 100% natural
– Gluten free
– Free of heavy metals and pesticides
– Free of anything artificial
– Premium Ceremonial grade
– Fresher grassy aroma and pure vibrant vivid green color
– The hottest powdered superfood of 2016

How and where is Yuve Matcha produced?
– Comes directly from Japan
– Hand selected ingredients only
– Nurtured and harvested by skillful Japanese workers
– Ground by granite stone mills
– Shipped in air tight containers

Health benefits of Yuve Matcha:
– Provides a longer-lasting energy boost than a cup of coffee with lower caffeine content
– Increases focus and efficiency without giving jitters and headaches
– L-theanine helps calming and relaxing
– Helps detoxify the body naturally
– High in EGCGs Fiber, Chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins A, K and E. No need to supplement EGCG with pills or extracts
– Has 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea
– Recommended for green tea weight loss
– More potent than Green Tea Flavonoid Supplements or Green tea diet pills.

How to enjoy Matcha?
– Whisk it and sip it as a regular tea
– Indulge in aromatic latte
– Blend it in a smoothie
– Mix it with foods
– Bake it in a recipe
– Make Green Tea Ice Cream

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