About Us

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Shopping Made Easy

Empathy Market is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell all kinds of vegan, cruelty-free products. We were inspired to create Empathy Market because we don’t think shopping for vegan products should be a hassle. We aim to eliminate the time-consuming and frustrating process of filtering through stores both online and offline by bringing all the products shoppers living a vegan lifestyle want and need into one place, saving time and making ethical shopping easier for everyone.

What makes Empathy Market different as an online marketplace is that at our core, we truly feel it is important to live a vegan lifestyle. We chose the word “Empathy” because we wish to convey the idea of being able to place ourselves in the position of another and experience what they are feeling. To us, this is the foundation of ethical consumption.

Everything sold within the marketplace must meet these fundamental guidelines:

1. Products sold on the marketplace must not contain any animal product, derivative, or by-product.
2. Products sold on the marketplace must not be produced using a process which involves any animal product, derivative, or by-product.
3. Products must not be tested on animals.

By ensuring that each product on the marketplace respects these three simple guidelines, we are confident we can become a driving force in the growth of more ethical and conscious consumption.

To summarize – we have a few goals:

1. We aim to facilitate the process of buyers and sellers reaching each other by providing an easy to use, enjoyable online shop environment.
2. We want to support the growth of vegan businesses by providing them with a marketplace that has a large, supportive user base.
3. We want to provide confidence and incentive which will encourage and inspire new entrepreneurs to create vegan businesses and products.
4. We want to take active steps beyond this marketplace to contribute to the growth of veganism.

We recognize the power of the consumer. We strongly believe that by facilitating the growth and expressing the already massive size of the vegan consumer base we will be able to sway others to have more ethical business practices over time.

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